Tuesday, 3 October 2017

One night at the Cabin and I become A declutteraholic

Cabin woods
Shack in the woods

Well let me get this off my chest. My Mother was... no still is a hoarder. Growing up we had 15 cats, and a ton of crap in our house we didn't use or need. This was after my father passed away when I was 15. (He was 89 when he passed away, but that is for a different post) She did not clean, that was all on me, and when you are 15-18 years old, do you want to clean. NO of course not. 

So without going into much detail, my home when I was 10-18 years old was a cabin in the woods. It was brand new in 1989, after my childhood home burnt down in the spring of 1989. We moved in that winter to a brand new log cabin. It was gorgeous. one level with a loft and a basement. I even helped build it...well I pounded a couple of nails ( I was 9). Then my father took sick. He had dementia. And the last few years of his life were not a good time for me. He was old and ill, and I was left with him frequently, oh yah and my grandmother lived with us as well. In this time frame of my life my mother decided to acquire things that she really didn't need. Books mainly, yarn, cats. Things upon things. And she had asthma. So she always told me she could not clean. It would bother her asthma. So I cleaned. everything. all the time. cat boxes, swept, dishes. I was basically Cinderella. But I could leave the house. I could go to town if I could get there. So I biked. I loved the freedom of getting on my bike and going. It was a 45 minute bike ride, but I didn't care. Not in the summer. In the winter I was in school and bused in. And I joined everything I could after school. Mainly girl guides and soccer. And every chance I could I would stay at a friends after school. 

Recently this home that I loved and hated at the same time has come back into my life after 10 years. My husbands and mine. I had mixed feelings of this at first. I didn't want it. I have some awful memories associated with this home. And it is a neglected shack now. No power, no running water. And IT WAS A MESS. I can not stress this enough. My mother abandoned this place a few years after I left. Now she is trying to make amends and has gotten it back. But it is still a mess. Piles of magazines, cat feces, fur, old things that no one wants. So we cleaned it out. At least the main level. The basement still needs A LOT of work, but we are getting there. 

But it NEVER fails. Every time we return from that place I end up going through our stuff. I clean the house from top to bottom. I open windows, air out every room. And my house is not dirty or cluttered. My husband has OCD, for cleaning. Our house is pretty tidy. But when I get home from the shack in the woods I need to declutter. I guess it is a type of therapy. As is writting in this blog. I know this does not relate to ADHD. But this is a blogging journey of our lives. And the beginning of mine was pretty crappy. Now I have a wonderful beautiful home. I have an amazing husband who works tirelessly to provide for our family. I have two beautiful children that I can never get enough of. Even if one is a little scatter brained. Maybe she gets some of that from my mom. The Hoarder. Maybe she has ADHD. She can never finish tasks, and her attention is always drifting, unless it is something she is interested in. And at 78 years old she still has a hard time keeping still and is ALWAYS knitting. 

HMMMM food for thought.

Also I will be switching this Blog over to word press. I have found out that you can not leave comments unless you have a google account. I do not know if that is why we are not getting any comments but I wanted to try wordpress anyways. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

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