Monday, 25 September 2017

Why Do I need to Medicate? #ADHD Problems

After Nicole's diagnosis the Psychologist said you will have to medicate her. So we waited for a year to see a pediatrician (we currently do not have a family doctor) so we could "fix" what was wrong with Nicole's frontal cortex. During that year we added adaptations. We encouraged and we changed routines. And we were doing great. 

Then we added the medication...

First it was Adderal XR. This was a disaster. She was moody, depressed, she withdrew from her friends. Her teacher was concerned. And she stopped her singing lessons. 

So over the summer we stopped taking it. Summer time is for relaxing and enjoyment, and throwing routines out the window. She was a happy, normal 12 year old. She went zip lining, faced her fear of heights in doing so, and LOVED it. 

We once again started the Adderall the middle of august,to get ready for the school year, and instantly it was a disaster. Within a week she had changed again. 

We returned to the pediatrician and told her the Adderall XR was not for Nicole, can we try something else? 

Biphentin ADHD medication
She prescribed Biphentin. This medication worked to a point. I noticed a difference, she seemed calmer, but distant. Not herself. She was a bit moody, not like the Adderall but different. She has all new teachers so they do not know how she was before her medication. They tell me she is doing great, She is writing in ELA, she is doing great in math, whatever she is struggling with, everyone seems to be struggling with. She had a couple of incidents where she was outraged by someone's remarks, but she handled it well. Not OVERLY emotional about it. But at home she is different. Distant is the only word that describes it well. Not acting the same at all. Her personality has changed. 

Off the medication

Nicole and I have decided to stop using the Biphentin. It does not seem to be working, and I have noticed the last few days that she is actually doing better off it. Her room is clean this morning, she has been getting along with her sister, and she got to school on time this morning. I have to say I know what the medication does to Nicole. It suppresses her personality. The last few days she has been cheerful, she is in her room, PLAYING, acting herself again. I know she is a bit hyper but if the teachers are not complaining and calling me then why do I need to medicate her?( her teachers are great this year, Her ELA and Social studies teacher was her older sisters teacher).

The Doctors tell us that we should medicate because if you have a heart condition then you would take medication to help that. 
Its a good analogy but I don't think it works for all children with ADHD. Yes I get frustrated, but I would rather get frustrated with a good nature 12 year old, then a yelling screaming, snot nosed, angry 12 year old.

I also believe that Nicole's anxiety was causing some of her struggles last year. We have been doing really well keeping her anxiety under control. It has been a long process but it seems to be getting better. 

I hope someone reads this and gets some information from it. We all know taking medication is a trial and error period. So far we have had more errors...I think, for now, taking her off the medication is the best way for her. As her education advances we will have to reassess. 

Thanks for reading, Leave a comment and let us know how we are doing.

Calm Mom Julia

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