Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Unplug for 24 hours. #ADHD retreat

Sometimes you just have to unplug and reset yourself. My kids and I are heading to our cabin in the woods, literally it is a cabin set on 15 acres of forest.

Cabin, ADHD Haven, forest

 It was my home growing up and it is now our #ADHD retreat. We haven't be able to make it up this summer much, so today we are going up over night. 

This is a long term project that is going to be worth the wait. The cabin is not hooked up to any power grid, we must use a generator, and there is no running water. It needs some repair, and needs to be cleaned out. Every time we go up we clean out another room. Or fix something small. It was abandoned for about 10 years. So it is a little dusty. HAHA

Cobin in the woods, ADHD Retreat

It is a great place for Nicole to let loose and unplug. Gets her away from the computer screen and lets her creativity flow. It is a large place to explore filled with animals and nature, a pond, and a river within biking distance.

ADHD Retreat, relax, forest

She takes her littlest pet shops and does videos, paints, and just chills out. No internet for a little bit does the world of good. As much as she loves her internet, as do I, you need a break once in a while. 

So this is our list of reasons why you should unplug for at least 24 hours:

1- Relieve some stress-
        You know if you can check on your blog you will, so if you go someplace where you can't then you will think about it less. Won't be constantly thinking "Oh I can add this to that", or I should check Pinterest and search for so and so. Sometimes it is a relief when you can't check on the blog.

2-Get back to nature-
        Just stopping to enjoy the view, or smelling the flowers. I LOVE to take pictures. It relaxes me.

Check out my flickr portfolio.

And I love nature pictures. Of flowers, trees, insects. It makes me slow down and look at something a little longer. It is fall here so all the beautiful fall colors are just waiting to be photographed. In this day and age of quicker and more efficiently everything, sometimes it is just nice to slow down and really see things from a different angle. 

3-Getting a different perspective-
         Sometimes taking a break from something will let your mind subconsciously think about a problem you are having. Ever forget about a name, it drives you nuts that you can't think of that certain name, you then say oh well its gone now. A few hours later, BING, "It was Einstein who discovered Theory of relativity" It just pops into your brain. If you are having a mental block about what to post next, #Take a break. Go on a nature Hike. Clear your mind. Something will pop into your mind. Even if it is "5 reasons to go on a nature Hike", OR " 5 reasons not to go on a nature hike with your children."

4-ADHD people need change-
          Going someplace for 24 hours even if it is a motel or a sleepover, really helps with the "I'm Bored" phrase. Which is a signature phrase in this house. Even when Nicole is doing something, she is bored. So going away for 24 hours, even if she complains at first, she usually comes around. It is usually because she sees animals, or discovered something she didn't know or see before. Our little ADHD retreat is the best way for her to get a change and try new things. Every time we go up there she finds something new. 

5-Brings you closer together-
           When even we go to our little cabin in the woods we always bring games. Card games, board games. And it helps us bond and get closer together. We sit up late, talk, eat junk (smores over an open fire inside). Listen to the rain on the roof. Get a little spooked out because it is SO DARK. Cuddling under blankets. You get the idea. Its the best #ADHD retreat ever. 

Do you unplug. Do you have a special place that you can go and get a change in scenery or add some adventure to the mundane? Or do you have your own ADHD retreat you like to take off too?

Let us know

Julia and Nicole

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