Friday, 22 September 2017

#ADHD problems

#Adhd Problems

I would like to list some of the "problems" we have in our household:

Problem-"a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome."

1-Well we can start off with getting up in the morning. Nicole is the hardest child to get out of bed in the morning. Today was bad, it took me an hour to get her going. It doesn't matter how early she goes to bed, it is a hassle in the morning. 

2-We have gone over this before but keeping her room clean. Man is that a difficult one. She gets so distracted by each thing in her room. She has the best of intentions but 5 minutes in she has become distracted by a container of slime, or that stuffed animal on the floor, or the shape of something on her desk.

3-Keeping anything organized including school books, her room, her clothes. The thing is I know she wants to get organized, she starts putting her littlest pet shop accessories into compartments, and then gets side tracked into a lively and creative dialog with them and then its game over. Getting her back on track is a huge battle. 

4-Getting any type of homework done. Its either too hard or too easy, there is no, I can do this and just sits down and gets it done. Its a good hour of complaining that its too hard, and "I don't know how to do this", when I know for sure she does. 

5-Knowing she is a great kid and still getting frustrated with her when it isn't even her fault. I think this is the hardest one. We both are very frustrated in the morning, either she is yelling or I'm yelling. No matter how much pre-planning the night before we just can't get our act together to get her out the door on time. 

The good news is that when she is taking the Biphentin on a regular basis, some of these are a little easier to tackle. Today was by far the worse morning this school year, and she hadn't taken her medication the last couple of days because we are both sick. I'm waiting to hear back from her teachers on how she was in school today, and we will know a little better if the medication is working for her. She still says it isn't but I've noticed a difference since she stopped taking them. She definitely has been easier to get up in the morning when I was giving her the medication. 

So these are the #ADHD problems that we have in our house. I listed these things as problems because it is hard for us to overcome these aspects of Nicole's personality. We work on them daily along with an assortment of others. 

Feel free to list your "problems" you have a hard time adjusting to or over coming. Sometimes getting stuff onto "paper" so to speak helps you understand and overcome it easier. 

Thank for reading

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